Tyco Heat Shrink Cable Entry Seals

Raychem cable entry seals for effective watertight, fume and pressure tight sealing

Heat Shrink Cable Entry Seals

cable glandHeat-shrinkable cable entry seals (CES) provide a watertight, fume-tight seal where cables enter connection boxes, bulkheads, or other enclosures. CESs are available in two basic types: standard and threaded.

The standard CES for thin-wall enclosures consists of a three-part assembly – a rigid nylon nut, an O-ring, and a heat-shrinkable molded body. The CES for threaded-hole applications is a one-part assembly that combines a tapered national pipe thread (NPT) in rigid nylon with a heat-shrinkable molded body. To meet sealing requirements, all CESs have factory-applied adhesive that provides the seal to wire and cable jackets.


  • Cable penetration into panels, junction boxes and sealed cabinets
  • Bulkhead penetration


  • Rated to 600 volts

Physical or Other Properties

  • Polyolefin shrinkable body
  • Metal or nylon nut
  • Hot melt thermoplastic adhesive


  • Pressure sealing: 25 psi


  • Molded heat-shrink body: Flame retardant polyolefin
  • Adhesive: Hot melt adhesive

Standard Specification

  • Raychem CES Specification RT-1335
  • SAE-AS81765/1 Type 1
  • Raychem Molded Heat-shrink Body Specification RT-301
  • Raychem Adhesive Specification RW-2019


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