Raxton and CMP Thread Conversion Gland Adaptors and Reducers

Flameproof gland adaptors and reducers Electrical thread conversions

Gland Adaptors and Gland Reducers

cable glandProblems caused by dissimilar threads can occur in both hazardous and industrial environments. Raxton products are fully approved to meet these requirements, being EExd and EExe certified as ATEX, CSA, IECE and GOST Standards. Adaptors provide a means of connection between dissimilar thread forms or sizes. Reducers effectively reduce the threaded entry diameter of an enclosure to accept a gland or fitting with a smaller thread. Reducers may also be supplied to accept smaller glands of alternative threads forms.


  • Brass: BS2874: 1985 CZ121
  • Stainless Steel: BS970 PT3 316 S11
  • Aluminium Bronze: BS1400 1985 AB2 or BS2874:1986 CA104
  • Nylon: 30% Glass filled Nylon 66 (EExe only)
  • Mild Steel: BS970 PT3 230M07
  • Aluminium: BS1474/1 6082 T4 or T6

Thread specification

  • Isometric (ISO) to BS3643:1981 and ISO 965 Pts 1 & 3
  • Imperial (ET) to BS31:1940 (1979)
  • National Pipe Thread (NPT) to ANSI/ASME:1983
  • British Standard Pipe (BSP) to BS21:1985
  • Pg to DIN 40430:1971

Plating: Nickel, Electro Zinc, Zinc Passivated, Chromatised, Electroless Nickel and Anodised.

Stopping Plugs

Stopping plugs are designed to close any unused entries in electrical equipment. They are available in a variety of thread forms and materials. Type CB, CF and CQ are fastened by means of standard allen keys 6mm - 10mm or 19mm A/F. EExd plugs are fitted into threaded entries into enclosures and can be used as an IP protection by the addition of a washer or ‘O’ ring of non-setting sealing compound. EExe plugs can be fitted through a clearance hole and closure is achieved by use of a lock nut. IP protection can be achieved by use of a washer or an ‘O’ ring.

Plating: Nickel, Electro Zinc, Zinc Passivated, Chromatised, Electroless Nickel and Anodised.

360 Degree Swivel Adaptors

Raxton have launched an innovative addition to their extensive range of Thread Conversion products. The new Swivel Adaptor has all the advantages of the fixed 90º Adaptor, with the addition of the new “swivel feature”, which allows engineers to have a full 360º choice of cable entry/exit positions. This enables the engineer to run the cable in any direction - greatly improving ease of installation in confined or difficult situations. The cable entry/exit can be aligned without the over or under torque compromise imposed by the direction of cable. The inline type allows independent connection at both ends. The temperature range of -50°C to +230°C is governed by the use of an internal silicon “O” ring which maintains the integrity of the product ensuring that it conforms to the over pressure requirement of the latest standard.

Construction: Brass (with optional Nickel plating), Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium.


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