Prysmian and CMP CW Indoor and Outdoor Glands

For steel wire armoured cable - one outer seal

Prysmian CW Indoor and Outdoor Glands

cable glandApplication

  • Indoor/outdoor type for SWA cable
Features & Benefits
  • Brass indoor and outdoor cable gland & accessories
  • For circular, galvanized-steel single-wire-armour plastic or rubber sheathed cables
  • Outer seal grips sheath of cable
  • For use in most climatic conditions, weatherproof and waterproof
  • Three part amour lock with separate armour locking ring, ideal for checking electrical continuity
  • Kit comprises:
    - CW Gland
    - Brass earth tag
    - Zinc plated steel locknut
    - PVC shroud
  • 2 per kit up to and including 25mm size
Technical Data
  • EN 50262
  • BS6121:Pt 1:1989
  • Gland rated to IP66 with use of suitable sealing washer or thread sealant at gland interface
  • Service temperature range -20°C to +90°C
  • CuZn39Pb3 extruded brass alloy used for guaranteed strength and performance

CMP CW Industrial Cable Gland

CMP CW type brass indoor and outdoor cable gland for use with all types of Single Wire Armour (SWA) cable, providing environmental seal on the cable outer sheath. All CMP Cable Glands are EMC Tested.

The cable gland also provides mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination. An armour cone and AnyWay universal clamping ring arrangement allows the cable to be easily disconnected from the equipment, for maintenance and change out etc. This feature also facilitates remote make off procedures when the termination is to be conducted in confined spaces or in areas of restricted access.

The CMP CW range of industrial cable glands is designed and tested to BS 6121:Part 1:1989, meets or surpasses the requirements of EN 50262 :1999, and is produced from Brass grade CuZn39Pb3 (CW614N) to EN12168. Other materials including Aluminium are also available in this standard design.

  • Type: CW
  • Design Specification: BS 6121:Part 1:1989, EN 50262:1999
  • Continuous Operating Temperature: -60°C to +150°C
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP66
  • Cable Gland Material: Brass, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
  • Seal Material: CMP Formulated Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Cable Type: Single Wire Armour (SWA)
  • Armour Clamping: Armour Cone & AnyWay Universal Clamping Ring
  • Sealing Technique: Unique CMP "LRS" TM Outer Seal (Load Retention Seal)
  • Sealing Area(s): Cable Outer Sheath
  • Accessories: Adaptor/Reducer, Earth Tag, Locknut, Serrated Washer, Entry Thread Seal, Shroud
  • Gland Kits Available: Gland kit for use with all types of SWA cable including 2 Brass Glands, 2 Steel Locknuts, 2 Brass Earth Tags and 2 PVC Shrouds for sizes up to and including 32mm. For sizes 40mm and above each kit includes 1 of each component.


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Data Sheet PDF: Prysmian CW Gland Data Sheet

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